Downtown Park


Your town council and I have long been dedicated to the idea of providing outdoor recreation opportunities for residents. Our greenway has been very popular, but Council and I have long believed that a "conventional" park near the soon-to-redevelop downtown area was something residents wanted, and our most recent resident survey proved that: 78% of respondents indicated that they would like to see a small downtown park with benches and walkways. That is exactly what is proposed, and during the town's recent festival on September 19, 2015 we had our ceremonial groundbreaking for your new downtown park immediately adjoining the town hall.

The new park will have approximately 1/10 mile of paved walkway for exercise, benches, picnic tables, several simple exercise stations geared to residents aged 50 years and over, and a small playground area for toddlers through elementary school. There will be a temporary restroom facility within a wood trellis enclosure until permanent restrooms are provided as part of the future Community Center project in the historic rock building.

Click image for larger version

All areas of the park will be fully accessible and fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities act, and will tie in to the existing town hall parking lot as well as the future sidewalk connections to downtown. As shown in the drawing, the park will be heavily landscaped with predominantly native shrubs and perennial plants, and will contain numerous new canopy trees that will provide shade as they grow.

During the park design phase, a public input session was held where Dan Blackman from the design firm Stewart presented conceptual drawings and utilized comments and suggestions received from residents in attendance to produce the final construction documents. As always, your town council and I listened to residents and modified the town's plans to conform to what those residents thought was important!